Norbest Farms grows seed potatoes in the rich soil of the North Saskatchewan River Valley located in Northern Alberta, Canada.  The Visser family has farmed and has grown potatoes since the 1950s. Norbest Farms is currently run by Gord Visser, the third generation of this family-owned potato enterprise.


Norbest Farms is located in an agricultural area that is ideally suited for growing potatoes. The area’s sandy loam soil, combined with our ability to irrigate our potato crop with water from the nearby North Saskatchewan River, enables us to produce fantastic seed potato crops.


Explore the website for more details about Norbest Farms and the high quality seed potatoes we produce for the Canadian and U.S. market. If you have any questions give us a call or drop us an email.

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A Brief History of Norbest Farms

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Norbest is dedicated to achieving the highest quality in seed potato production.

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